Telecom Services
Network Rollout Services
• Network Planning & Optimization
• Sites Survey [new, existing, swapping, etc.]
• Sites equipment’s Installation and Testing.
• Commissioning and software applications for telecom equipment's for different vendors (Ericsson, SIAE, Huawei, NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens)
Network Managed Services
Network Operation and Maintenance: Include on-site preventive, corrective and covering all site’s equipment, telecom equipment, transmission in addition to all site facilities and environment.
NOC Services
24/7 network operation management through applying integrated process, technical expertise for multi-vendor sites and ensuring secured and stabilized operation and network quality.
Telecom Business Activities
Environment Assessment: Tele-Trust fully understands and respects its responsibilities to the local community and environment. We are fully committed to comply with all relevant environmental legislation at local, regional and national levels. Our commitment guided by following key principles:
•Environmental issues global awareness
•Recycling and reuse of materials
•Pollution prevention
•Responsibility for waste disposal
Health and Safety Assessment: Tele-Trust has an excellent Health and Safety record. Our excellent record is maintained by successfully assigning and implementing the responsibility for Health and Safety at all levels throughout our organization.
Tele-Trust Obligations
Tele-Trust conducts its operations with full regard to the responsibilities placed upon it by the Health and Safety Legislation. The Health and Safety of our personnel and those affected by our activities is an important objective of company policy.
Tele-Trust Employees Responsibilities
In carrying out our obligations Tele-Trust stresses the role played by its employees in helping to endure the safety of Tele-Trust operations and reporting potentially dangerous situations. Managers taking all reasonable and proactive steps to prevent accidents and to ensure the safe design, construction, operation and maintenance of plant, equipment and sites. Equally, it is the duty of each individual to take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to themselves and those affected by them.
Performance Measurement: Tele-Trust always do Performance Measurement to regularly assess the results produced. We always make sure of Identifying processes, systems and outcomes that are integral to the performance of the service delivery to our customers. Selecting indicators of these processes and delivery performance and analyze information related on a regular basis. Continuous Quality Improvement involves taking action as needed based on the results of data analysis and performance.
Performance Measurement and assessment involves:
•Selection of a process or outcome to be measured, on a priority basis.
•Identification of performance indicators for selected process or outcome to be measured.
•Aggregating data so that it is quantified to measure a process or outcome.
•Assessment of performance with regard to these indicators at regular intervals
•Taking action to address performance discrepancies for quality improvement.
•Reporting findings within organization, conclusions and actions taken as a result of performance ssessment.
Project Management and Work supervision: Tele-Trust has a proven track record of Project Managing network deployment projects. Our core competence in Project Management underpins our managed service offerings enabling our customers to focus on their core business activities.
Our Project Management approach is based upon a generic model incorporating:
•Single Point of Contact accountability [SPOC]
•Planning for success
•Monitoring and controlling against the agreed project plan
•Actively managing changes, issues, risks and opportunities
•Use of cross functional teams to break down any organizational barriers
•Formally closing and reviewing the project with the customer
Our Project Management service includes:
•Planning management with a single point of contact for contracting partners
•Progress reports including risk analysis and contingency planning
•Management and coordination of approved subcontractors and third parties
•Documentation management
•Logistics management
Quality Assurance and Control: Tele-Trust represents quality through consistent communication with our internal and external customers. We plan and prepare in order to exceed the expectations of every client project. Our endeavor is to reach this goal successfully; we meticulously follow QA& QC, and strive to adhere to international quality standards as set out in Tele-Trust Quality Standard.
Tele-Trust maintains long term relationships with customers, conducting our business honestly, ethically and with the highest degree of professionalism. To look at all emerging opportunities with enthusiasm and positive attitude. To appoint individual project and accounts managers for all projects. Tele-Trust provides skilled technical staff with extinctive and relevant experience. While on site an optimum balance is maintained between speed and quality of works, to the utmost satisfaction of the customers.
Sites Acquisition: Our site acquisition professionals are specialized in locating and acquiring strategic sites thus enabling a fast and efficient network rollout. We possess a unique experiences resulting from the
various site acquisition activities.
Our site acquisition service includes:
•Initial planning approach to local authorities
•Site search and identification
•Site survey and detailed report production
•Line of sight testing
•Lease negotiations with site owners
•Planning feasibility studies
•Building permit / planning applications and follow-up
•Identification, negotiation and agreement of frame agreements with major site owners
•Site coordination and follow-up until ready to build
•Apply for power and follow up