As of everyday arising demands in Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) , Tele-Trust founded,
empowering its partners to meet business goals and make
our customers successful in connecting people and
Our History
Tele-Trust for Integrated Services was founded in 2012 to meet Information and Communication Technology
industry growing demand in Egypt & Middle East. Tele-Trust adapts and shape upon customers and market
continuous needs with a clear vision and robust plan to fulfill customers’ expectations. To achieve that plan, Tele-
trust is building pool of targeted competences and has qualified calibers and professionals. Tele-Trust takes the
responsibility for being one of the top leaders in ICT market through achieving significant pioneering results for
customers and society.
To provide first class ICT services, with high
qualified people for our esteemed customers,
while maintaining excellent quality and safety
standard; and giving full considerations to the
environmental aspects of all our operations.
To be a leader in ICT industry by providing End to
End high quality services, through high qualified
people for our partners and societies.
Core Values
Building trust with others, when the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities.
Providing innovative solutions optimize costs and time and enable us to grow and adapt our business in the marketplace.
Customers focus
Considering our customers first in our daily actions and exceed customer expectations.
Delivering excellent services through excellent people in every taken or planned action.
Acting according to moral and ethical principles.(What we say, what we do, and what we say we do).
Our Partners